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Improved Visibility & Control

Gain a holistic view of all your buildings, vendors & services.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Instantly unlock efficiency by modernizing manual vendor sourcing & procurement processes.
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Reduced Cost & Risk

Empower your PMs to work with compliant vendors that offer better service at a better price.


Monitor key operational metrics such as service fulfillment, vendor compliance & vendor performance.

Social Procurement & Supply Chain

Ensure vendors meet your social standards in core areas such as vaccination, diversity & environment.

All your Data,
in one place.

One login for all your vendor data. Easily filtered & accessible - all in one place.

Modernizing procurement, compliance, tendering, and more

"Quoting on new jobs has never been so easy as VendorPM has made it. Property managers will reach out to us for pricing estimates and this platform streamlines my entire bidding process."
Jonathan Lewis
Owner of Platinum Building Services
"VendorPM has changed the way SDM finds new business. We are no longer subject to seasonality with the constant influx of new bids from local condos and office towers."
Luis Castillo
Owner of SDM Landscaping
“An impressive platform that offers access to esteemed service providers, bid analysis and the benefit of saving valuable time.”
Claudia Nemi
Director, Property Management

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