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3 bids, on time
Your preferred & new vetted-vendors
One tool does it all

Service & Contact Management

No more fishing through your inbox. Access & filter all historical data while proactively planning for upcoming services & contracts.

Sourcing Compliant Vendors

No more excel lists. Manage preferred vendors while interacting with a marketplace of 30,000+ vetted vendors.

eTender 400+ Building Services

Easy-to-use tendering solution to get 3 bids for all building services & needs.

Demo preview of the VendorPM app where property management firms or enterprises can review and manage their portfolio of buildings and their service plans
Improved visibility & control
Enhanced operational efficiency
Reduced cost & risk


Monitor key operational metrics such as service fulfillment, vendor compliance & vendor performance.

Social Procurement & Supply Chain

Ensure vendors meet your social standards in core areas such as vaccination, diversity & environment.

All your Data,
in one place.

One login for all your vendor data. Easily filtered & accessible - all in one place. 

Preview demo of the VendorPM app where vendors can manage quote requests coming from property managers and see analytics of how their listing is performing
Grow your business
Thousands of new buildings & PM's
Level up your brand

RFQs &

Bid on thousands of private, invite-only tenders.


New PMs, buildings & leads available everyday.

Build awareness
for your brand

Stand out from your competition with verified ratings & compliance.

You manage it, we cover it.






The modern solution for vendors & property managers.

Jonathan Lewis
"Quoting on new jobs has never been so easy as VendorPM has made it. Property managers will reach out to us for pricing estimates and this platform streamlines my entire bidding process."
Jonathan Lewis
Owner of Platinum Building Services
Luis Castillo
"VendorPM has changed the way SDM finds new business. We are no longer subject to seasonality with the constant influx of new bids from local condos and office towers."
Luis Castillo
Owner of SDM Landscaping
Claudia Nemi
“An impressive platform that offers access to esteemed service providers, bid analysis and the benefit of saving valuable time.”
Claudia Nemi
Director, Property Management
Nicholas Chirametli
“VendorPM saves me countless hours and puts my mind at ease.”
Nicholas Chirametli
President, City Sites
Dean McCabe
“In a fast paced industry time is of the essence – VendorPM is a tool that allows to source excellent contractors in an efficient manner.”
Dean McCabe
President, Meritus Group

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