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December 23, 2021

6 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Employees Love the Office

Whether it’s an office or common areas, keeping your space clean is an essential part of keeping your business running smoothly and keeping your employees happy. Keeping an entire building clean is a lot of work, and many people underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to keep those common areas free from clutter and mess.

If you don't stay on top of the cleanliness within your building, it could affect your employees and tenants happiness and quality of work, not to mention the various illnesses that can come from unsanitary conditions.

Luckily, we have put together this list of helpful cleaning tips that will ensure your building is always in tip top shape.

Clean Your Carpets

Carpets can hold on to many types of contaminants and therefore need some special attention in the cleaning process. Whether your carpet is covering your entire space or just some limited areas, it can still get dirty quite quickly.

Vacuuming on a weekly basis is a great way to get rid of most of the dust and dirt that carpets can accumulate, however it is important to be aware of the fact that much of the carpet's dirtiness comes from the dust and bacteria that is embedded into the carpet.

Since vacuuming will not get to this embedded dirt it is important to give your carpeted areas a deep clean either by using a deep cleaner or seeking professional help throughout the year.

Stay Organized

Keeping your spaces organized is the best way to stop clutter from developing quickly and making your environment hectic. It is surprisingly easy for clutter to get out of hand, so having procedures in place to keep organized is the best way to stay on top of things.

Having a designated spot for everything is a good way to ensure your building as a whole remains organized and clean. For example, having specific areas for eating will help keep food messes around an office to a minimum and will help contain messes to certain areas making it easier and less time consuming to clean the space.

Clean Your Tiled Areas

The kitchen, if you have one, and bathrooms of your building are areas that require some extra attention and frequent cleaning and sanitizing.

Having a schedule of when to clean these areas ensures they are not neglected and allows your employees to be able to use the washroom and prepare their food in sanitary and enjoyable conditions.

Some office spaces may have janitorial staff who handle these areas for you, however if this is not the case it is important to keep on top of these areas as they can quickly get out of hand.

Consider Using Fake Plants

Although having real plants in your buildings can be nice because of the atmosphere and pleasant aromas they provide, they require much more work to keep them looking great and clean, as compared to artificial plants.

Real plants will eventually wilt and drop leaves, causing quite a bit of mess. In some cases, real plants can also cause an employee or tenant to have an allergic reaction.

If you do decide on using real plants in your building, make sure you are fully aware of any common allergies and pick out your office plants accordingly, and be prepared for daily and weekly cleanup and watering

Keep Cleaning Supplies On Hand

Having cleaning supplies easily accessible for everyone is a great way to keep your office staying clean. Your employees will most likely share your desire for a clean workplace, and having cleaning supplies on hand makes it very easy for them to keep their workspace clean throughout the week if you don’t have outside cleaners come in

Accidents happen, and things like spills can be quickly taken care of if the necessary items are available to employees to clean up after themselves.

Consult the Pros

If you have a particularly large building, with many common areas, and you just don't have the time to stay on top of all the cleaning that needs to be done on a weekly basis, consider hiring a cleaning company to take care of everything for you.

These trained professionals will not only take the burden off your shoulders, but will also be able to do a superior job at keeping your space clean since they have the knowledge and tools necessary to keep things spotless.

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Since 2008, Smart Cleaning have serviced condominium communities of all sizes throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Smart Cleaning strives to be the “Leaders in Quality Control” by providing quality supervision, quality inspection programs and a continuous improvement culture. Our success in delivering service and meeting the expectations of the residents is dependent on maintaining a stable work force who receives fair market wages.

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Omega Maintenance has been successfully providing complete building maintenance and cleaning services in commercial buildings, condominiums, and industrial environments since 1998 in both Ontario and Quebec.

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“Giving our property and facility managers piece of mind ensuring concerns are addressed, have gone above and beyond our needs” Our team takes pride and commitment to be the experts and specialists in condominium cleaning. We are able to access and device structured and documented system of routines to fulfill and address any obstacles and or concerns to meet all needs. Our staff is provided with the tools, environmentally friendly products, training and systems to help guide them to meet all expectations while staying true to our core values. We lead our team to be motivated and driven to excel to our highest potential. Xquisit builds strong and trustworthy relationships with property managers, to reach our goals of creating clean and Xquisit Condominiums in the GTA and surrounding areas. Some of the properties and facilities we serve: • Bayshore Property Management • Malvern Condominium Property Management • Util Canada • LG Hausys Canada • Mohawk/ Daltile • Experior Financial Group • Superstyle Furniture “Over the years we have built a strong and trustworthy relationship with Xquisit Facility Services, Joe and Enza have brought a level of service and standards exceeding our expectations to manage the cleaning of our properties and have given our Property Managers piece of mind ensuring concerns are addressed and have gone above and beyond to meet our needs. I feel they understand what our needs and challenges are and consistently work towards achieving our teams expectations, Xquisits staff has done a great job communicated and reporting any deficiencies to our team, being our eyes and ears gives us the ability to be proactive and responsive with the day to day status of our properties.” Lloyd Bristow- Manager of Business Development, Bayshore Property Management

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Integral Services Group has multiple divisions providing commercial cleaning services and related facility maintenance services from BC to Ontario. In addition, we provide specialized services to the Hospitality industry and offer partnerships focused on indigenous community development through our division, Spirit Property Services. Our head office is in Coquitlam BC, a suburb of Vancouver, with regional offices in Calgary and Winnipeg, and a limited presence with a regional representative in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Alberta provides industry-leading commercial cleaning and preventive disinfecting services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and surrounding communities. Vanguard® janitorial franchise owners can deliver a customized janitorial program ranging from a standard thorough clean to high touch point disinfecting, to a preventative disinfection service using an electrostatic sprayer. Vanguard® provides janitorial services to many property managed facilities across Western Canada, and we would be happy to provide references of those satisfied customers to you. Cleaning for a healthier environment begins with an assessment of your facility. Request a free cleaning or preventive disinfecting quote, today.

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Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Western Canada provides industry-leading commercial cleaning and preventive disinfecting services in Alberta and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Vanguard® janitorial franchise owners can deliver a customized janitorial program ranging from a standard thorough clean to high touch point disinfecting, to a preventative disinfection service using an electrostatic sprayer. Cleaning for a healthier environment begins with an assessment of your facility.

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